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Pre-License - Sales Person or Broker (Not offered at this time / Consulting Only)

(Required to take state licensing exam)

Kansas Practice Course  (Not offered at this time)

(Required for Licensing as a salesperson)

Continuing Education for Brokers / Salesperson - BY APPOINTMENT  - will travel to your location

(For renewal of licenses) 

"40+ Years Providing Courses"



RSK extends our Sincere THANKS to all our CUSTOMERS and friends for YOUR SUPPORT & BUSINESS during the past 40+ years.  RSK’s tenure and experience included opportunity laced with challenging times and political forces that finally resulted in the loss of over 90% of our business.  The best analogy of the punitive actions experienced could be described as “You may continue to have your restaurant, but you MAY NOT SERVE the MAIN COURSE (required salesperson and Broker’s required course) WHICH everyone NEEDS/REQUIRES.  Despite the fact the state AGENCY DIRECTOR’S actions DESTROYED our BUSINESS, some of you have continued to take RSK for 8 hours; while taking other outlets for the mandatory COURSE (Salesperson & Broker Required Core for 4 hours); AND I personally THANK YOU for your support.

FOR the RECORD RSK took a proactive approach over the years, by attending KREC meetings to provide positive input for benefit of ALL LICENSEES and the adoption of policies, supporting & promoting actions GOOD for ALL LICESNSEES and FURTHER resulted in improved real estate education in some respects; plus, BENEFITED ALL EDUCATION PROVIDERS, not merely the entity that controls the State Government real estate agency.

For context:  a few EXAMPLES of RSK’s experience & ACTIONS over the years

1.        The 1st KREC meeting RSK attended:  after the meeting I was asked by the KREC Director to step into his office and was asked why I was coming to the meeting AND I responded I wanted to stay abreast of what was going on for the benefit of RSK & all Licensees.  I was then told if I wanted to know what was going on, “I needed to join the Realtors association!”

2.       In earlier years the primary entity that provided real estate education required a minimum number of enrollments to hold a course.  RSK adopted the policy a course would be provided without regard to # of enrollments and held several classes for a few, & in couple classes for one licensee.

3.       RSK pioneered Home Study in Kansas, while the primary c.e. provider at that time stated that "if a person could drive to a Football game (as Lawrence or Manhattan) they could drive to Topeka to take their real estate courses".  RSK did receive a letter of thanks from the KREC education director at that time, thanking us for taking this action.  Note:  It took several years to show Kansas licensees that Home Study could be a good source and for the program to succeed.  AFTER THAT the ENTITY THAT expressed opposition to home study adopted it.

4.       During initial years of education, only one entity had access to and use of real estate licensees data for names and addresses through the KREC, which left all other at a disadvantage.  RSK addressed this and was successful in getting the Governor to direct equal access to all qualifying schools.

5.       Requested coordination between KREC & Proprietary Schools (Bd. Of Regents) to reduce waste

THE ABOVE ACTIONS and OTHERS were the RESULT OF ATTENDING MOST KREC MEETINGS for many years providing input that helped to YIELD positive benefits:

A.      For ALL the other SCHOOLS and ENTITIES OFFERING REAL ESTATE COURSES and they BENEFITED from such positive actions and often to the exclusion or RSK.  LIKEWISE; GOVERNMENT agencies RARELY RECEIVE such actions IN A POSITIVE MANNER and CAN RESPOND NEGATIVELY (and did), which no doubt has provided much of the impetus FOR THE PUBLIC’S SUPPORT for the slogan “DRAIN THE SWAMP”!

B.      In the OPINION of RSK, being proactive, also resulted in the KREC Director creating a “WALL of NEGATIVES” WHICH ULTIMATELY RESULTED in the major PUNITIVE ACTION by the former KREC Director that WITHDRAW RSK’s course approval for the one course every licensee must have.  HENCE the analogy of “You can have a restaurant, but you can not serve a main course” RESULTS:  LOSS of OVER 90% OF RSK’S BUSINESS.  However, given the KREC director at the time is no longer in that position.  RSK has the option to attempt to initiate a renewed program.  How many of you would like to go back to high school to get your diploma at this time in your career?

C.      ON A POSITIVE NOTE:  IT APPEARS THAT SOME EFFORT IS BEING MADE TO IMPROVE; however, the last education meeting RSK attended in Lawrence, KS, the Commissioner from my district state that the Director should not let RSK talk after RSK asked if under the new Director, the Commission would permit the licensees/public to make pertinent comments AND ask questions.

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