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Realty School Of Kansas (RSK)
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RSK provides Continuing Education for brokers & salespersons, License Renewal

NOTE: the salesperson & broker mandatory core may be taken a second time for elective credit if you have already taken the course and desire to take it again

IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT: most everything in real estate is related to LEGAL (law) and FINANCING, OR the management/administration of related items as a licensee assisting the public to handle their real estate requirements & investments.

QUOTE: "I did not realize that I did not have to attend the same school  that I took my pre-license course from.  Realty School of Kansas covered several items that would help me to be more successful and reduce my liability in the profession.  It was nice to have an instructor that has actually WORKED in the profession for many years!"


QUOTE: ďI had completed my core, but didnít feel like I fully understood agency & brokerage relationships or that I had received all information about brokerage relationships and how transaction brokerage could be an option that might benefit my business, until I took RSKís course!

RSK previously provided a variety of FINANCE related topics for required broker core or elective credit and salesperson's elective credit. Currently may take:

Monetary policy & finance Topics

The settlement process (closing debits & credits)

RSK previously provided a variety of LAW related topics.  For example:

Landlord tenant relationships & brokerage

Real estate contracts & anatomy-transfer of title

Federal laws overview affecting real estate

(Consulting / Pre-license consulting)
For the Pre-License & Kansas Practice Course click on Home Office Study


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