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No Longer Licensed by KBOR

RSK has elected to no longer apply for licensing through KBOR, primarily due to the KREC’s failure to re-approve RSK’s previously approved courses, AND the “red tape” required by KBOR (in some cases levied only on RSK) for a small business to provide entry level real estate courses where the total cost via RSK did not exceed $175 with a free textbook included. RSK may pursue training and consulting that no longer requires a license from KBOR. The following required catalog (below) is one example which you may review to complete your own cost/benefit analysis. The Cost of Licensing, Bonding, and “red tape” required for a school to qualify to provide entry level real estate courses is too expensive! ANY CITIZENS SHOULD BE PERMITTED, if desired, TO STUDY ON THEIR OWN to qualify to complete the real estate LICENSE TEST WITHOUT any REQUIREMENT to obtain a certificate from any school. Long held view by RSK.

School Catalog

Note: The following “Catalog” information is required to be provided and labeled as our “CATALOG”, as per the requirements of the Private Postsecondary Institution Administration Manual, which is under the Jurisdiction of the Kansas Board of Regents, 1000 SW Jackson, Suite 520, Topeka, Ks. 66612. The subject information has historically been included in our school flyers, enrollment forms, etc.; HOWEVER, the following “CATALOG” provides the information in the sequence as outlined in the subject regulations in an effort to provide an inclusive summary document in order to obtain our annual license renewal. If you should have any questions, please call or write the school. Larry D. Rickard 2016

---School Catalog items--

(A) Table of contents: items B through Q below (cont.) regulation

(B) Date of publication: published annually, the current year is 2016

(C) List of approvals: Realty School of Kansas has been providing real estate education and courses since 1973, and the courses and school are approved by:

a. Real Estate courses: approved by the Kansas Real Estate Commission (KREC) (Course Fees paid annually ph 785-296-3411)

b. School is a licensed Proprietary School (currently an annual renewal fee of $600 & Applicable paperwork submission including resumes, school catalogs, etc.) Through The Post Secondary Education under the jurisdiction of The Kansas Board of Regents, Topeka, Ks. Ph 785=296-3421

      (D) Student requirements for admission: Realty School of Kansas has a number of Real Estate Courses approved and the school elects to provide selected offerings from the Approved courses from time to time on a recurring basis, primarily though our Home Study program in an effort to provide continuing education subjects we find pertinent or Relevant to the industry and/or developing economic factors. (e.g. RSK began Including “Monetary Policy” in our continuing education offerings, in anticipation of what was believed to be a future or developing problem in the real estate and financial markets. Industry problems related to these developments are currently unfolding from the Sub-Prime through all facets of financing. Obviously, in hind sight the subject has taken on a more significant importance today in the real estate industry)

ENROLLMENT: Any person (student) may enroll in a course for self improvement by utilizing/completing the applicable enrollment form and payment of the applicable fee for the course or courses; however, a person planning to apply for or obtain a real estate license MUST Complete the:

Pre-License Course (Salesperson or Broker) mandated by the Kansas Real Estate Commission and meet all of their requirements. Basically that includes:

1) For Licensure as a Kansas Salesperson: Basic requirements:

  1. Applicants must have completed a High School diploma or equivalent

  2. be 18 years of age

  3. complete real estate education (per KREC):

        a.    a 30 hour Pre-license in order to take the state license exam

        b.    a 30 hour Kansas Practice course before licensing

        c.    pass the State exam; given by a testing service for the state

2)  For a Broker License: 1.,2.,3. above, Plus 2 years experience as a salesperson with the qualifying experience subject to review and approval by the KREC. Full qualification and evaluation of experience is subject to the KREC’s approval. Note: if a license applicant is denied a license they may request a hearing with The Kansas Real Estate Commission (KREC) AND may further appeal their case to District Court, if the Results of the hearing are not in the applicant or licensee’s favor.

Note: Please “click” on applications and forms on our web site AND the applicable forms for enrollment may be downloaded, the form also includes licensing, School policies, refund policy, and pertinent requirements for completion, etc.

(E) Academic calendar (see education calendar @ ALSO note: We provide a selected # of courses tocomplete your cont. ed monthly via. Our Home Study courses with a complimentary classroom overview (by appointment with the school) You may call the School for details and a one on one appointment. Further: Our home study courses for Pre-license and Kansas Practice permit you to start your course at any time utilizing your “free” textbook and workbook (booklet) included with the course. Just call the school.

(F) Realty School of Kansas offers courses for Real Estate; hence, the name

(G) Realty School of Kansas curriculum includes:

a) Pre-License Salesperson30 Hours required by KREC (see pre-license application)

b.) Pre-License Broker -24 hours required by KREC (see pre-license application)

c) Continuing education (4 hour units) for license renewal (see C.E. application)

Note: C.E. Hours/courses may also be assessed against a licensee by the KREC as

Penalties for violations of regulations and related items.

(H) Physical Space:  Our web site ( provides a photo and address of our office which is located on the First floor of the subject building. The classroom includes the typical table and chairs for seating, a “dry erasable” board, fluorescent lighting, OR in other words a very typical classroom or meeting room which is ample for instruction, testing, etc. Use of our existing classroom has evolved to primarily being utilized for one on one testing and/or to give a lecture overview for our Home Study Courses, given by appointment for student(s). The lecture/overview for home study courses serves to make Home Study much easier for students to complete and understand through our program @ Realty School of Kansas.

Quote: “I learned more during the approximate one hour overview for my Home Study Course with Realty School of Kansas than I had learned from taking the BRRETA course several times through classroom from other schools” OR “that is the first time I have understood that!”

(I) Tuition and fees: The course cost for Pre-License (Sales or Broker) and Kansas Practice course is $175 each course with a “free” text included with the pre-license course. Our continuing education courses for Home Study with a complimentary classroom (lecture) overview includes the use of a text and workbook: Fee is $75 for four(4) hours, $125 for eight(8) hours, and $175 for all Twelve(12)hours. Please call for specifics. Tutoring is handled on by individual agreement and is not part of any course offerings.

(J) The so called System used to measure student progress works as follows as required by The Kansas Real Estate Law/regulations:

1) All home study courses require you to pass a final course quiz (State License Law)

a) 70% score with closed book proctored exam (school requirement for pre-license)

Given with or through the school by appointment (note: by appointment at the school provides you the opportunity of having all questions you may have missed reviewed with you individually which increases your knowledge)

b) 90% open book, non-proctored (may download proctor form from web, just “click “on Applications and forms (web site) and select the Proctor form)

(K) On so called “graduation or as we call itsuccessful completion of the course and final course exam” we will provide you with a ”Certificate of Completion: “ provided and approved by the KREC and either fax or mail it to the KREC and give you the original copy.

(L) Institutional Mission since 1973: to provide real estate courses , including pre-license for both Salesperson & Broker, and continuing education courses for renewal of the license. Realty School of Kansas has been providing courses since 1973 or before education/courses were mandated by law ( which has resulted in higher costs & more” red tape” for all citizens). We try to accomplish our offerings (mission) primarily through lecture and home study courses.

(M) The Owner of Realty School of Kansas, as shown on the “home page” of our Web site is Larry D. Rickard, Broker/Owner; although we have had the “input” and assistance of many industry professionals since 1973”

(N) INSTRUCTORS: Realty School of Kansas utilizes mostly instructors that hold college degrees, but more importantly have had a lot practical industry experience in the industry. Degrees and membership in organizations have not been the primary thrust of our goals.

(e.g. If asked “under Oath” or sworn testimony the question “How many real estate transactions have you personally handled in your career?” the response will not be an answer like “five (5)”, or references to associations, membership, degrees, consultant, etc. that may be quoted to obscure the fact that the instructor may lack sustained "industry” experience. For an occupation where your income is based primarily on industry “performance”, would you prefer to learn from an instructor whose experience is primarily from textbooks, degrees, membership, etc. or an instructor that has both formal education and the “critical” industry “ experience? Ultimately, experience will have a profound influence on you and the future of the real estate industry. It is easier to quote membership, titles, credentials, associations, etc. than having paid the price in the field/industry.


Licensed Broker in Kansas since 1973, also held licenses in Ok ,Mo, Tx, N.M., & a sales license in California.

Introduced/Initiated Home Study cont. ed. for real estate in the State of Kansas

College Education: BBA & M.S. in Business WSU, Experience includes: lecturer/instructor since approx.1969, taught Business courses for both Bachelor and Master Programs, completed real estate course and obtained a California real estate license, also served as an education officer and has contributed to and received acknowledgements in three National Texts:

1.    Guide to Passing the Promissor Real Estate Exam for Salesperson and Broker by Pivar  (Currently in the Eighth Edition)

2.    Real Estate law by Coit

3)    Principles of Real Estate by Palmer


KREC approved Real Estate Instructor

Occupation: Self employed real estate broker, investor, and land developer 1978-2009, Wichita, Ks

Kansas Real Estate Broker since 1978, manager personal portfolio

Extensive business sales experience

Education: University of Kansas 1963 Bachelor degree

Military: served as Commissioned officer, U.S. Army 1963-1969

Training and teaching: Presenter of free-market economic seminars and Real Estate Instructor for RSK


(O) Institutional rules are included in enrollment form(s). Please see below or “click “on applications and forms for the web site, download a form, and read the enrollment form/contract/agreement which includes our rules and policy for the most concerns. Note: an “agreement” is a Contract as referenced in school “jargon” and regulations.

For our school, if you do not feel a form is simple, easy to understand and complete, just call and the Owner (Larry D. Rickard) will personally review and discuss the item with you. This policy has been in force since 1973.

(P) Student enrollment, cancellation, and refund policy is also included in all enrollment forms. Please refer to or “click” on application and forms and you may personally review same prior to utilizing the form.

(Q) Career Services: As the Owner/Broker practicing real estate for 35+ years, we have never had a student that did not either have or could not find a Broker/Company association or employment. If you need assistance, we shall provide you with a list of Brokers

(R) Policies for transfer of hours: As a Real Estate School we have few, if any requirement/ need for transferring hours as certificates of completion (required by the KREC) are provided for students completing a course or courses for either licensing or cont. ed. (license renewal) On occasion another State may ask or require certification of completed hours for out of state license renewals (e.g. Oklahoma), which is completed through the KREC. Please note: that you may have receive solicitations from organizations or entities that want to sell you designations, labels, etc.; HOWEVER, they are normally designed for, and incorporate an annual or periodic fee to utilize the title/designation. As a point of information and question: has it ever been a requirement of the High School or College you graduated from for you to pay the institution an annual fee (income or cash flow) to say I graduated from High School or College? You will normally find that a strong “work ethic” combined with honesty, good business, and investment will reward you through your retirement years; however, if you should desire to have a designation through Realty School of Kansas you may qualify/obtain our GRS (Graduate of Realty School) Designation, should you feel the need for a title & annual fee, call for details. Success is a self sustaining title or designation that you carry with you through your character, actions, and lifestyle and may be exemplified in both your private and your public life.

(S) Complaint Policy: It is the mutual goal of RSK and the Kansas Board of Regents (KBOR) to provide quality educational courses for customers. When, or if, a problem or concern should arise, RSK shall make a fair and reasonable solution in accordance with RSK's policy to work with Customers to resolve pertinent issues. RSK has included course requirements within your application for your review and if you have any questions you may ask RSK. If you desire further assistance beyond this, you may contact the Kansas Board of Regents at 1000 SW Jackson, Suit 520, Topeka, Kansas 66603, ph 785-296-4917 or the Kansas Real Estate Commission at 785-296-3411. Larry Rickard, Owner/Broker

Thank you, and should you have a question you may reach me at Ph 316-685-3652 or it may be easier to download (than read) our enrollment form/applications from

Larry D. Rickard, President/Owner/Broker

Realty School of Kansas

Your non dues or tax supported School”

3241 East Douglas, Wichita,KS. 67218

Ph 316-685-3652