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Continental Real Estate
"Since 1973"

"The Quiet Little Company - Known By Our Customers"





If you are considering the Sale or Purchase of real estate-visit
with us- and you will see why we are billed

"The Quiet Little Company - Known by Our Customers"

"I would like to express my appreciation for the good service that Continental Real Estate provided with the sale of my home...... we had been exposed to the concept that national associations, inordinate advertising, larger sales force, numerous listing would play a significant part in the sale of my home. In retrospect, I feel selling is a more personalized activity based on the individual sales representative's commitment. 

As you noted, each sales representative can only handle a certain ratio or number of listings... It does make sense that a smaller number of listings per associate permits one to devote more time to assist with each listing for the sale or purchase of real estate.

Likewise, people purchase and sell home through a company because of the respective
broker or sales associate's sales ability and because of the home, not because of the number
of listings or associates in the company inventory. ..................

We appreciate Continental Real Estate and would be happy to recommend the Company.."

Personal assistance for BUYERS and SELLERS of Property

For assistance with the SALE or the PURCHASE (new or resale) of your next  property, contact the "quiet little company" with the "experience & knowledge"
to service and handle all of your real estate transactions. 
Don't merely base your decision on media "fluff" or associations.

Make an appointment -- visit with us personally -- discern the difference

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