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Realty School Of Kansas (RSK)
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Home-Office Study

- RSK “Pioneered” Home Study in Kansas
- Whether
a, b, c, or 1,2,3, RSK tries to make it
- Simple - efficient - complete 

 - HOME - Office STUDY -

Note: New Technology should be embraced when it provides the most practical application(s).

RSK's c.e. Program is- Simple - Efficient - & Complete - YOU JUST:

A. Read-complete the applicable (often with programmed questions & answers) Material
B. Request and complete your final course - either (check with RSK) by:
     1.  Testing-by proctor (closed book, 70% pass)
     2.  Testing-no proctor (open book, 90% to pass)
Note: Proctor may be downloaded from RSK's website.  
C. Your certificate of course completion is provided or Faxed to KREC

Note: Class session may be applicable as per application for Kansas Practice Course and Broker Pre-License.

Continuing Education

For real estate brokers and salesperson
RSK offers home-office study and may include a Complimentary Classroom Lecture, which makes it easier to understand & complete.


RSK provides a variety of finance related topics for required broker core or elective credit and salesperson's elective credit. For example - include (partial list:)

Monetary policy & finance

The settlement process (closing debits & credits)

RSK may provide a variety of law related topics;

Landlord tenant relationships & brokerage

Real estate contracts & anatomy-transfer of title

Specific COURSE INFORMATION and Offerings:

You may contact RSK for additional course schedules, or if you desire a course in your town or office.

RSK may also assist you to take the courses that are the most efficient for you; 
given your time and interest requirements.

Note: Home Study courses may also be scheduled by appointment in RSK’s office which include a Course Overview/Lecture.  Call RSK for an appointment.


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